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Some Kind Words...

Mary McNally (Mother of the Bride)

I haven't laughed so hard in a long while!!
There were 8 of us sitting near the dance floor so we were all part of the show. Very interactive and so very funny! So much fun to watch the progression of the evening, especially with the priest - We all loved it! I loved his way of 'getting' everyone so fast, he was consistent throughout the show. I would definitely recommend The Wedding Comedian,  make sure you have an open mind, a sense of humour & a spare pair of knickers!!

Susan Clarke

From the time I spoke to Dave on the phone to day of the performance he had me in stitches!  A down to earth gent that has our Irish humour down to a T and knows how to entertain any crowd. I seen full grown men cry with laughter, he truly is the best comedian of his time. Made our wedding far from "ordinary"!

Franc - Weddings by Franc (Wedding Event Designer)

I've been to many weddings where they have had wedding comedians and the majority of them just die on the stage and there is nothing worse!
So, there is only one guy I know that's able to deliver time and time again... that's Dave Young - The Wedding Comedian!

Sean O Reilly (Groom)

Dave Young was excellent. I booked him to make my wife happy, but I ended up loving him more (lol), He's fantastic at getting the audience involved and if Im ever getting married again he will be the first one I book!

John & Rita Crawford (Bride & Groom)

Superb, superb, superb!
The Wedding Comedian was one of the first things booked for our wedding (you need to get in fast when booking this guy) and he delivered an blinding performance for our reception! No one was safe, he had all the goods on us and went to town on our past 'secrets'. We're still laughing!!!!

Book this man... now!

Morris Dillon (Father Of The Bride)

Well, I have to be honest, I thought the idea of having a wedding comedian was an unnecessary luxury BUT with hindsight, it turned out to be a major success and an very fond memory for all who fell under Dave's spell. As one of his 'victims' I can say I never laughed at myself as much as i did that night - his comic ability, quick timing and the general air of devilment was electric!

As the proud Father of The Bride my job was made easier by having The Wedding Comedian as part of my plan - Dave's a real professional and a super guy to deal with.

Jeremy & Susan Cunningham (Bride & Groom)

It was the easiest decision to book Dave Young - The Wedding Comedian!
I knew of his reputation and had seen one of his shows at Vicar St so knew what I was getting myself in for!
His production team at Young 1 productions took all the hassle, effort and planning off my shoulders and we got to chat with Dave himself about what we would like for the day, he took our stories, little embarrassments and funny experiences and expertly work them into our performance - both families were in stitches and we're still laughing each time we watch the wedding video!

Have no doubt, The Wedding Comedian is a must!

Connor & Ellen Nolan (Bride & Groom)

Connor (my new husband) had been a fan of Dave's for years, has all his DVD's and recordings so it was a very special surprise for him on the day as I arranged it in secret!
Dave was a true gent to work with and took all the hassle and planning out of my shakey hands. I was able to give Dave a 'little colourful background' on both Connor and his family but he also got me to spill the beans on my own gang too so no one was safe!

The result was pure magic! We all laughed and cried (for all the right reasons) and everybody afterwards was on a high and smiling for the rest of the night!

Don't hesitate to book this guy, your wedding day will thank you for the rest of your life!

Kaya & Simon West

Do not Hesitate... book this man now!

My family are from London and Simon's are from Jamaica so we wanted 'something different' for the reception, something that would break the ice and bring our two families together. 'The Wedding Comidean' was recommended to me by so many people so I had to check him out!

I was a little nervous at first, not knowing much about this sort of thing but Dave's production team were amazing (thanks Jenny!) and they helped me with everything! On the day, he surpassed my expectations and even managed to make my non english speaking grandfather chuckle!

The day was already amazing but Dave helped ensure it was more than rememberable.

Geraldine & David Wallis

The man's a genius!

140 guests (including about 50 folk I never knew nor met before), all sandwiched into a huge reception room and all looking at each other with nervous smiles! Then Dave Young - The Wedding Comedian entered the room and all hell broke lose fun wise!

Within an hour, everybody was part of his mesmerising show and eating out of his comedic hands! When we finally let Dave leave the stage everybody in the room knew each other and all were united in laughter!

His ability to take any situation and turn it into comic gold is astounding! He is able to find the humor in every little nuance of both families and channel all the little stories into side splitting routines.

Book him now... you will not be disappointed!

Father Jim Morris

Lord above!I can't tell you how many weddings I've both presided over and been honoured to be a guest at - each were and are beautiful and wonderful events in their own collective way; family and friends coming together to express their collective joy for their the blessing of marriage.That said, nothing could have prepared me for the whirlwind that is Dave Young - The Wedding Comedian. He certainly took the families to town (humour wise) with his comic talents and I was able to enjoy the unfolding spectacle, secure in the knowledge that I was safe and sound... I was wrong!All I can say on that is that I hope he's at my next wedding and the next one and the next...

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