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Forever Young

Wedding entertainment

How do you make your shows personal to the bride and groom?

“For me, it’s like baking a cake. Anyone can bake a cake, but to make it good, really

good, you need the right ingredients. So, here's my recipe for a great time: You take
a tablespoon of fun, mix it with great jokes, add a little music, sprinkle it with audience participation, stir in 20 years experience and add a little love. Then pour in some stories about bride and groom, put it in the oven, let it set and what have you got? A memory for life of the funniest wedding you ever went to! Oh, and its all fat free too!"

Has anything ever gone wrong on stage? A joke gone down badly?

“It’s amazing, every interview I do that's the question everyone wants to know! It’s like asking Bono did he ever forget the song, did Pacino ever forget his lines or a politician did he ever tell the truth! I remember

telling an audience about my uncle being a contortionist in a Circus and one night during a performance, he took a massive heart attack and he died... but at least, he died in his own arms! Come on, that was good! (Go on, you’re grinning!)”

At what stage of the day do you perform?

“I'm usually kept as a big surprise and, generally, straight after dessert is the perfect time. You don't want guests disappearing after the meal to their rooms or the bar! Sometimes the reception room

can end up looking a little shabby and nobody wants to dance straight after a big meal anyway. So, as the guests are washing down those last few dessert calories with their teas and coffee...boom! My show starts and within minutes, I have them burning off those calories with laughter! “

Is hiring a wedding comedian becoming more popular now?

“The concept is still relatively new, but it’s quickly becoming the ‘norm’ these days,

as it’s the perfect way to get everybody laughing together and in a great mood for the dancing! I like to give a full show with special guests (that’s you!) and laughter and lots of it! It should be the happiest day of your life and I’ll make sure you and your guest are having a great time!”

What do couples look for when they hire you?

“They start off looking for that “something special” to fill the void between the meal and the dancing, and on many occasions (I’m delighted to say) my show ends up being the highlight of the evening! I know that sounds very confidant but honestly, after you see the show, you’ll get it!”

What’s the best wedding gig you’ve done?

“It sounds like a cliché, but they are all great in their own way (check out the testimonials at You see, every wedding is different, simply

because every bride and groom are different! If you see me at a wedding and then book me for yours, you can be sure that your show will be completely unique, because it will be your little memories, stories and anecdotes that will take centre stage as they are seamlessly woven into the show.”

What does your show consist of?

“Just over an hour of hilarious jokes, audience participation, song and surprises but most of all, it’s about breaking the ice between families and guests and reducing everyone to tears... of laughter! Hey, enough of these questions! I've a question for your readers: “Are you looking to make your wedding the best wedding anyone has ever been too”? Well, congratulations you just found the answer... me! And if you think that's cheeky, then wait until you both see the show and see your guests’ reactions; eyeliner will be running, tables will be slapped and the whole room will be filled with laughter. And we all know, that's one of the best sounds there is!”

Finally, tell us a joke Dave!

“Did you hear about the couple who booked The Wedding Comedian for their wedding?” Answer: Everyone died laughing! ...and that’s no joke!”

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