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Make Your Wedding the one they are all talking about


Wedding entertainment


You've just found the secret to making your big day unforgettable!

So, you're going to get married?
Ok, you've got a lot of work to do, and of course, never enough time to do it all!

Well, one of your jobs is done, the fact that you are here now means you've found the perfect solution to that fearful lull of 'post meal' and 'pre dance'. It so happens that The Wedding Comedian is just the ticket to fill the dreaded void while giving you a truly memorable and original wedding day!

Please take a little time to view our website and sample the talents and comic genius of Dave Young - The Wedding Comedian and when you're done, you can drop us a line at the link below and we'll get you laughing in plenty of time for the big day!

Who is The Wedding Comedian?

He’s award winning comedian Dave Young and he's about to make your Wedding the one everybody's talking about!

He's one of Ireland's finest comedic exports and now he's home to get you hitched!

'I've been asked to perform at a lot of weddings over the years and I've enjoyed all of them - it's a great opportunity to get to know the audience and interact with them on a one to one basis. As 'The Wedding Comedian' it's my job to bring together both sides of the family along with friends and colleagues and unite them all in collective laughter!"


Every Bride and Groom knows and fears the dreaded post dinner lull. You know the situation; dinner over, clearing the room, folks wander off to stretch the legs or their wallets at the various bars around the town.

This can mean the atmosphere of fun and connection is broken and you can spend the rest of the night trying to get it back.With 'The Wedding Comedian', you can ensure that the fun and games are only starting as Dave Young unleashes his tailored made show to his now captivated audience. Your stories, anecdotes and experiences will come to life as side-splitting set pieces as he works his special blend of comedy!

A little taste...

"Make your big day unforgettable!"

With over 20 years of experience, countless awards and hi-profile achievements Dave Young knows how to make them laugh and keep them smiling long after the day is over!

"It's all about you... and Auntie Mary...  oh, and the father-in-law and the (I really wish he was a) distant relative, basically all the fun, colour and drama that only families can bring together -  It will be a blast!"

Tailor made to your specific requirements, Dave will create a live show  that will have both sides of the family laughing together as one and lets face it, isn't that what it's all about?

Each story, fantastic set pieces and audience interaction will be highly entertaining and always original with your own personal stories and anecdotes of family members interwoven into a truly special event!

You asked...

Here's just a sample of some of the questions we receive regularly in regard to enquiring about booking Dave Young -The Wedding Comedian.

If you find that we haven't covered a topic or question here, you can drop us a line or via our enquiries page and one of our team will get back to you with the right answers! Simply click the link below to submit your query.

Your questions answered...


Q? Price & Availability?

A: These two questions are probably the most frequently asked questions we get: "is The Wedding Comedian available and how much does he charge"?
To check availability click here and simply fill in your details and well confirm if a booking is available.

NOTE: Regarding costs, fees are based on each individual enquiry and requirements, location and the date of wedding are also important elements of our pricing structure.

Q? What time does ‘The Wedding Comedian’ normally start at and how long is the show?

A: The standard Wedding Comedian performance is one hour and the time he starts at is decided by the happy couple which is usually after the meal and before the band takes to the stage.

Q? Where is he based and how far does he travel?

A: Dave is based in Wicklow and will travel to weddings all over Ireland, UK and Spain.

Q? Will our older guests enjoy it?

A: They most certainly will. In fact, all of your guests will. Impossible, you say? Well a lot of what the younger people laugh at still has relevance for older people today. Likewise, the older generation find the humour keeps them young and Dave Young knows how to make everyone happy at all weddings!

Q? Do you provide your own sound and lighting and when do you set up?

A: The Wedding Comedian comes complete with his own sound and lighting crew, the crew set up discreetly before the meal as sometimes The Wedding comedian is kept as a surprise.Set up takes less than 15 minutes and it is quite normal for the guests to remain in the room throughout.

Q: We know on the night our Best man will be slagging us, is there anyway The Wedding Comedian can get him back for us?

A: Leave it to Dave, before the show he will get some info from you about your best man or anyone you want to seek revenge on (in a fun way of course) and he will have everybody in fits of laughter, with your victim wondering how did Dave know that?

Q: We are very interested in looking into the possibility of having The Wedding Comedian at our wedding. What do we need to do?

A: You can contact us by phone, email or via our short form. You can check availability and price for your date and venue. While you are here, you can also check out some of Dave’s videos here to get a little sample of what you can expect. This award winning comedian at your wedding will turn it into a fantastic night! We will require a deposit of €200 due within ten working days of booking and with the agreed balance due for collection on the night, or if you prefer, we can arrange for payment of the balance on a monthly basis. Formal confirmation of your booking with us will be sent to you, make a note in your wedding planning file and get ready to laugh, because you're in for a great time!

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Some Q&A's

There's something about Dave!

Billy Connolly

I heard Dave before I ever saw him, he spoke to me with my own voice and it was terrifying! He's a genuinely funny guy with the evil ability to mimic me and sound funnier!!! I then saw Dave in 'When Harvey Met Bob' playing 'me' - only this time, he looked like me too! Restraining order anybody?

Jonathan Ross

Crazy, crazy, czazy... I never know what he's going to do at any one time! Unpredictable, incredibly funny and above all, totally natural!

The Miriam Show (RTE)

There is no one funnier that Dave Young! He's been both a guest and performer on my show and both myself and the audience have enjoyed his infectious humour many, many times.


The man is crazy, his unique rendition of 'Mandy' is a show stopper, so funny - we had smiles on our faces for the night and well into the next day, the man's a genius!

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Pat Kenny (NEWSTALK & UTV)

Dave is a tour de force of Comedy, don't for a minute think I'm in control during an interview! I'm generally the one not able to speak for all the laughter... Do yourself, your spouse to-be and your families a service and book this man, he will make your day!

Wedding By Franc (RTE)

I've been to many weddings where they have had wedding comedians and the majority of them just die on the stage and there is nothing worse! So, there is only one guy I know that's able to deliver time and time again... that's Dave Young - The Wedding Comedian!

Michael Buble

Not only can this man turn any room of people into a wobbling mess of laughter but he can also carry a tune nicely, almost too nicely... should i be worried?

The Saturday Night Show (RTE)

Dave has been part of The Saturday Night Show since it's launch in 2010. He has entertained the studio audience and guested on the show many times over the years and we look forward to many more years with him here, at RTE.